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2021 년 Lumia 950을 사용하십니까? Update New

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In this video I show you what its like using the Windows 10 mobile running Microsoft Lumia 950 in 2020. When released in 2015 the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL were tasked with saving the Windows Phone brand from failure which at the time, was loosing to IOS and Android. Many years after it was released, its specs still hold up today and, in a market dominated by phones such as the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S20 and the One Plus 8..does the Lumia 950 still have a chance?
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 New  2021 년 Lumia 950을 사용하십니까?
2021 년 Lumia 950을 사용하십니까? Update

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